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Small-Diameter and Multi-Core Campus Specific Optical Cables

Time:2020-03-04 Views:136

Full-scenario indoor optical cables, such as bow-type optical drop cables, micro bundle optical cables, indoor armored optical cables, and invisible optical cables, also have the advantages of small diameter, multiple cores and small size. In addition, they feature simple structure, light weight, and other advantages of bending resistance, flame retardant and mildew resistance for easy layout and simple operation.


HDMI (USB3.0) AOC optical cable is a specialty optical cable that integrally combines optical fibres and copper transmission media, which can transmit 4K/8K and VR signals at low latency without loss within a distance of 150 meters. It is designed with YOFC proprietary chips for the connectors at both ends to convert photoelectric signal at low power consumption and high reliability, and can be widely used in broadcast and television centers, video conferencing, intelligent manufacturing, and robot vision, to greatly improve the perception experience of users.

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