Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are fiber optic cable manufacture, own complete fiber optic cable production line, we produce and sell fiber optic cable and fiber optic network connectivity accessories.If you want to visit our factory workshop, you can contact our sales team, we provide video factory inspection for you.

Can you provide free sample?

In general, our warehouse will have some hot-selling optical cables in stock. If you don‘t have a special request, we don‘t charge a fee. You just need to tell us your freight collect account number, such as FEDEX, DHL. If you do not have any international express account, we will charge the courier fee according to the actual situation.

What’s the MOQ?

We are a fiber optic cable factory, we can produce most of the conventional structure fiber optic cables, the minimum order quantity is 1-2 kilometers. For some fiber optic cables which need special materials, the minimum order quantity will be 2-4 kilometers.

What‘s your delivery time?

Normally, we can deliver the goods in about one week. Cable with special structure can be delivered in about 2-3 weeks. FTTH accessories, it depends on the quantity ordered and production schedule.

Do you have price list?

Since the price of raw materials will fluctuate with market conditions, we do not have a fixed price list. If you need quotation, please tell us some necessary information, such as: fiber type, fiber core number, central strength member material, need messenger wire or not, need armor or not, etc. Our technical team will design the fiber optic cable on your request, and finally there will be technical specifications and quotations sent to you together.

Do you provide customized design?

Yes, we have a professional technical team that can design fiber optic cables of various structures. You can also have special requirements for the color and marking of the optical cable. You only need to tell us your preliminary ideas and requirements, and we will draw the optical cable structure diagram for you and send you the corresponding technical specifications. After you confirm all the details, we will produce sample for you. We will arrange for you to produce large quantities once you confirm the sample cable.

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