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Individualized and Modular Optical Distribution Interconnection Products

Time:2020-03-04 Views:110

As an important node device in an all-optical network, optical distribution interconnection products carry multiple scenarios and services in the campuses on the same network, to achieve reasonable optical cable layout, routing management, and service distribution in the network. So far, a full series of optical distribution interconnection products are available, including optical distribution frames (ODF), optical cross connecting cabinet (FDT), fibre optic splice closures, optical splitters, optical fibre distribution boxes, and information panels from the central equipment room to all service nodes. They can be designed fast and delivered at one stop to meet differentiated requirements of different customers and scenarios. They are manufactured with high-strength composite materials to achieve high mechanical strength, which can adapt to all-weather deployment and operation environment. They adopt a humanized, standardized and modular design, and are reasonably arranged to facilitate construction and installation.

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