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Ultra-Wide Large-Capacity and Highly Reliable Wiring Products For Data Centers

Time:2020-03-04 Views:165

The data center, as the network hub in the campus, needs to collect and analyze a huge amount of data from various service scenarios and management platforms in real time. ORIENTAL FIBER has developed a full series of wiring products for data centers, including bending insensitive multi-mode fibres, optical distribution frames, modules, panels, trunk cables and patch cords, which feature large capacity, high reliability, as well as convenient installation, expansion and upgrade. In particular, we have developed the world‘s leading and only Chinese-produced OM4 and OM5 multi-mode fibres, which are compatible with the original multi-mode products in the data centers and support the smooth transition of the network to 100 Gbp/s or 400 Gbit/s systems in the data centers.

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