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Is FTTH Fiber Optic?

Time:2020-03-04 Views:101

1. FTTH stands for fiber optic network, FTTH is the foreign language abbreviation of fiber direct to the home, and the Chinese abbreviation is fiber to the home. Specifically, FTTH refers to the installation of optical network units (ONUs) at home users or enterprise users. It is an optical access network application type close to users in the optical access series except FTTD (fiber to the desktop).


2. The significant technical feature of FTTH is that it not only provides greater bandwidth, but also enhances the transparency of the network to data formats, rates, wavelengths and protocols, relaxes the requirements for environmental conditions and power supply, and simplifies maintenance and installation. When it comes to FTTH, we must first talk about fiber access. Optical fiber access means that the optical fiber is used as the transmission medium between the central office and the user.


3. Optical fiber access can be divided into active optical access and passive optical access. The main technology of optical fiber subscriber network is light wave transmission technology. At present, the multiplexing technology of optical fiber transmission is developing very fast, and most of them are already in practical use. According to the degree of fiber penetration into users, it can be divided into FTTC, FTTZ, FTTO, FTTF, FTTH, etc.

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