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In an increasingly interconnected world, where the volume of data exchange is increasing, data is seen as the next industrial revolution, and with the advent of 5G, new uses will emerge, and data centers are a necessity in the digital age, storing and processing data through chains. To cope with this growing amount of data, the construction of new data centers is critical, whether they involve colocation, private companies, or edge data centers (proximity centers dedicated to local data processing with the goal of reducing latency-response time).

In addition to the increase in the number of data centers, the increase in speed requirements (10G, 40G, 100G, 200G, 400G and tomorrow‘s 1.6T) is becoming a major issue. To meet these challenges, cabling infrastructure has evolved through the use of fiber optics to meet these technical expectations.
With years of fiber optic expertise, ORIENTAL FIBER supports its customers in their choice of infrastructure solutions by providing high-performance, modular and scalable solutions.
The advantages of optical fiber transmission in the data center room, as a mainstream way of broadband access, optical fiber has the advantages of large communication capacity, long relay distance, good security performance, strong adaptability, small size, light weight, wide source of raw materials and low price. , so the application of optical fiber in communication system is more and more extensive.
1. Bandwidth: The width of the frequency band represents the size of the transmission capacity. The higher the frequency of the carrier, the larger the frequency bandwidth that can transmit the signal;
2. Low loss: When transmitting light of 1.31um, the loss per kilometer is below 0.35dB. If the light of 1.55um is transmitted, the loss per kilometer is smaller, which can reach below 0.2dB;
3. Light weight: The optical fiber is glass fiber with a small specific gravity, which makes it have the characteristics of small diameter and light weight, and the installation is very convenient;
4. Strong anti-interference ability: because the basic component of optical fiber is quartz, it only transmits light, does not conduct electricity, and is not affected by electromagnetic fields. The optical signal transmitted in it is not affected by electromagnetic fields. strong resistance;
5. High fidelity: Because optical fiber transmission generally does not require repeater amplification, it will not introduce new nonlinear distortion due to amplification. As long as the linearity of the laser is good, the TV signal can be transmitted with high fidelity;
6. Reliable working performance: The optical fiber system contains a small number of equipment (unlike the cable system that requires dozens of amplifiers), the reliability is naturally high, and the life of the optical fiber equipment is very long, with a trouble-free working time of 500,000 ~750,000 hours;
7. Costs continue to decrease: As the source of materials (quartz) for making optical fibers is very rich, with the advancement of technology, the cost will be further reduced.
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