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Power Fiber Optic Network

Power Fiber Optic Communication Network

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Power communication systems generally use power optical cables, especially wind power/photovoltaic power generation projects, especially OPGW optical cables and ADSS optical cables, which are used in a particularly large amount. more.
The power system communication network is a large-scale and well-developed private network in the communication network. With the acceleration of the trend of optical fiberization of communication networks, the transition process from trunk lines to access networks to optical fibers has been basically completed in many areas of dedicated power communication networks. At present, the services carried by optical fiber communication in the power system mainly include conventional telecommunication services such as voice, data,

broadband services, and IP; professional services for power production include protection, safety automatic devices, and broadband data required for power marketization. Especially the protection and safety automatic devices put forward higher requirements for the reliability and safety of optical cables. It can be said that optical fiber communication has become an indispensable and important part of the safe and stable operation of the power system and the production and life of the power system.
The application of optical fiber communication in power communication began by laying ordinary optical cables by following the traditional methods of telecommunication sector, such as buried, pipeline, and overhead, to form a power optical fiber communication system. With the advancement of technology, in the 1970s and 1980s of the last century, some optoelectronic composite optical cables that are different from traditional optical cables attached to power lines and attached to power towers were developed. These optical cables are collectively referred to as power special optical cables. . One of the biggest differences between power system optical fiber communication and other optical fiber communication systems is the particularity of communication optical cables. Power special optical cable is less likely to be damaged by external force and has high reliability. Although its own cost is relatively high, its construction cost is low. After years of development, the manufacturing and engineering design of power special optical cables have matured, especially the OPGW and ADSS optical cable technologies, which have begun to be applied on a large scale in domestic power special optical cables. Relying on the power system‘s own line resources, special optical cables avoid conflicts and entanglements with the outside world in terms of frequency resources, routing coordination, electromagnetic compatibility, etc., and have great initiative and flexibility.
The power system has a strong power grid, which spreads all over the country‘s cities and rural areas. It is completely feasible to build an optical fiber communication network with the help of power lines and towers. And can provide broadband channels for the development of grid automation and new relay protection. At present, the transformation of urban and rural power grids has also brought great opportunities for the development of power communications. Many cities have built fiber-optic lines one after another to make full preparations for the realization of broadband integrated service digital networks.
In recent years, basic power construction projects have developed vigorously, from hydropower construction, wind power construction, thermal power upgrading and reconstruction to transmission line construction, especially the construction of high-voltage power transmission and transformation lines. Some power materials are often used, the most common is OPGW optical cable (Fiber fiber composite overhead ground wire).
Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) is also called OPGW optical cable. The optical fiber is placed in the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line to form the optical fiber communication network on the transmission line. This structure has the dual functions of ground wire and communication.
Traditional communication lines are difficult to adapt to the development requirements of the new era. In response to the development needs of integration, broadband, digitization, multimedia, and computerization of power communication, OPGW optical cables have appeared. OPGW optical cables not only improve the use efficiency of power towers, but also The dual role of communication optical cable and ground wire is fully utilized, which not only promotes the development of power communication network, but also brings significant economic benefits to the society.
OPGW optical cable is mainly used on 500KV, 220KV, 110KV voltage level lines, and is mostly used on new lines due to line power failure, safety and other factors.
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